Wedding Advisor

Weddings are always a very important topic in the life of a DJ.

Together with my team of other DJs, technicians and photographers, I personally look after several weddings every year and take great pleasure in assisting couples on their most important day in life and preparing an unforgettable party.

We offer the following services:

  • DJ performance as “open-end” packages
  • Complete technical handling from a small celebration to a large event
  • Wedding photography and event photography
  • Photobooth with accessories

Each wedding is with us an individual event and in personal discussions we plan the most beautiful day of your life exactly after your conceptions!

Who would like to inform additionally about the topic wedding DJ finds here a short and clear eBook / paperback to the topic written by me.

In an eBook of about 30 pages I will answer all important questions about the wedding DJ and explain how much such an evening can cost, how to recognize a dubious DJ and everything else that needs to be considered and planned.

Additionally there is a large checklist for the discussion with the DJ, so that really nothing remains unnoticed.

Of course, all the principles in this book also apply to all other types of events!

More information about the eBook and also an extract can be found here: